FlySight F350 Professional Quadcopter Release

FlySight F350 Professional Quadcopter Release

Flysight F350 Professional UAV

FlySight has recently released a new ready to fly quadcopter package geared towards the professional aerial photographer and weekend enthusiast looking for nice stable flight and extended flight times.

The drone will be available in 3 different color combination. The rumored images are with the orange-black one and I can tell you that it looks amazing!

For those who are worried about the range of the live video transmission, the FlySight F350 Drone Combo uses the 2000mW Black Mamba TX5820 5.8GHz wireless transmitter with about 9KM range or 400mW TX5804 FPV Transmitter with about 4km range.

Return Home
This safety feature can be activated at any time with the flip of a switch. When activated, the F350 will automatically fly itself back to the place its motors were first started and land without any help from the pilot. It’s great for first-time flyers who aren’t quite ready to land the drone themselves. It’s also handy if you temporarily lose sight of your F350 while chasing down the perfect shot. Just activate Return Home until you regain visual contact and then turn it off to resume control. If for whatever reason the transmitter signal is lost, Return Home will take over and fly the F350 back to you until it lands or the signal is restored.

FlySight F350 Specifications:

F350 Drone with camera
Main Rotor: 9 Inch Propeller
Gross Weight: 685g(including battery)
Motor Size: 2212 brushless
ESC: 18A brushless
Receiver: 8 channel
RC Transmitter: 8 channel 2.4Ghz
Battery: 11.1V (3S) 3600mAh LiPo
Flight time: 15-19 Minutes
Control Range: 1.3-1.5km
Brushless Gimbal: 2-Axis brushless gimbal
Gimbal Control Range: -45º~+45º(Roll)

Charger Output Voltage Range: 15-20V
Current Output: 1000mA
Current Input: 0.6-1A

FPV TX Optional (TX5804/TX5820 V2)
Transmitting power: 400mW/27dBm(TX5804)
2000mW/33dBm(TX5820 V2)
Transmitting distance: >4000m-5000m(TX5804)
>8000m-9000m(TX5820 V2)
Input Voltage:6-28V
Output Voltage: 5V/12V

RC801 Black Pearl Monitor
Resolution: 1024X600
Input Voltage: 6-28V
11.1V/1000mAh(3S Lipo)
Support Fatshark Nextwave & Airwave TX without distorted picture
Support image rotation 180 degree
Support HDMI1.3 digital input

FlySight F350 Drone Combo:

Complete FPV system
Optional 32CH 2W TX module for up to 9KM wireless video transmission
GoPro style action camera, that probably will work also in standalone mode
32CH 7″ FPV LCD screen with foldable sunshade
High landing skids;
Available in 3 different color combinations

F350 Drone Combo package includes:

Drone with battery
Remote controller
Flysight RC801 black Pearl7 inch HDMI LCD monitor
400mW TX5804 or 2W Black Mamba TX5820 V2 transmitter
GoPro style action camera
2 axis brushless gimbal
FPV monitor bracket
Instruction manual