Feed The Children – MRM250 v3 Miniquad Charity Giveaway

Feed The Children – MRM250 v3 Miniquad Charity Giveaway


ModiedRC has teamed up with MultiRotorMania, TheDroneStoreNV and Great3D to do our biggest giveaway to date while helping the good people at Feed The Children charity do the great work that they do. All proceeds will go to feedthechildren.org. We are giving away a fully flight ready to go MRM250 v3 miniquad setup complete with controller and 7″ monitor!!!

Here are the specs of the MRM250 v3 quad we are giving away….

  • MRM250 v3 CF frame
  • MRM Zeus 20 amp ESC’s
  • MRM Mini Titan 2206 2150kv motors
  • MRM DragonFly32 Acro Flight Controller
  • MRM OSO MiniPDB with 5v BEC
  • Mini MinimOSD
  • Foxeer 600TVL XAT600M/HS1177 FPV Camera
  • HawkEye 200mw 32 Channel Raceband vTX
  • Set of CP Antennas
  • LC Filter
  • Full anodized hardware and wireloom
  • Two sets of HQProps 5.5×4.5BN Props
  • FlySky mini PPM RX
  • Turnigy 9x w/OpenTX (Mode 2)
  • 7″ Flysight Black Pearl 32 channel Dual Diversity Monitor
  • $50 Great3D Gift Certificate

This is close to a $700 total value !!!!!!

Please give a moment to visit and thank our sponsors of this contest

Photos of the prizes:

Contest Rules:

1. Entry fee of $5 required. 100% of this fee will go to http://www.feedthechildren.org/

Your entry can be purchased here: http://www.multirotormania.com/home/1337-feed-the-children.html 

2. You must use 2 sticks of butter ONLY as the medium. Any additional weight and you will have to register it.

Now for the fun part…… You must take your two sticks of butter and make a miniquad out of it… Must be butter and only 2 sticks… Otherwise you will have to register with the FAA.. Be creative and show us what you got… We will be looking for the most creative design…

Judging of creativity, use of materials, and overall sweetness of your quad will be done by myself, Brian from MRM, Tech Brian , Justin and Kenny..

3. Format is completely up to the entrant. Final entry must look like a quad. It can be 2D or 3D. We’re counting on some real imagination being put to use.

4. All entries must be posted in this thread by April 10th 2016:
with pictures and/or video with a description of your creation.

Thread URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ZMR250/permalink/1739134472966771/

******All photos must be uploaded to the giveaway thread or they will not be counted.*****

5. Logos for MRM, The Drone Store, ModifiedRC and Great3D are welcomed and encouraged.

6. US shipping will be covered by the sponsors.

7. International entries welcomed, but winner must cover any shipping over Domestic Rates covered by sponsors.

This will be a multi group giveaway so its not limited to the ZMR250 group but entrees will have to be submitted in the ZMR250 announcement.