UBAD Kunai PDB Information Page

UBAD Kunai PDB Information Page


The ZMR250 Kunai power distribution board was developed as a collaboration by uBuyaDrone and ModifiedRC and the end result was a high performance PDB designed to make the build process easier while also making the build much cleaner and easy to maintain. Less stray wires and connections make for a more reliable aircraft when racing down low and fast and often in between trees and other objects.

The first batch of PDB’s have been sold and delivered and as we get feedback from our clients we are planning our second batch of PDB’s with additional improvements. If you have any comments or feature request please feel free to leave them in the comments below.

The Kunai PDB is available for purchase at uBuyaDrone.com (when in stock)

Purchase URL: http://ubuyadrone.com/ubad-mrc-kunai-zmr-pdb-pre-order.html
Price: $17.99 includes arm spacer kit and 10% off coupon code for great3d.com

Board Features:

Kunai PDB Labeled - TopKunai-PDB-Labeled-Back

Signal Pin Layout:Signal Pins2
Kunai PDB Build Videos:


  1. Building my UBAD Kuani ZMR 250. I started by a test assembly now I am adding pins to the Kunai and soldering motors to the ESCs. I chose DYS OPTO ESCs, so I will have to run a second regulator for video 12 volt asd one for 5 volt to power the Naze32.

  2. I assume the Regulator is only for the FPV side of things and has nothing to do with powering the Naze etc.
    I am going to use a Sony700tvl Camera. and a Transmitter that can run 12v+
    Can I leave out the Regulator ?
    If so what do I bridge to keep power from 3s battery.

    This will be my first Quad build so sorry for stupid questions.

    Cheers Glen.

    • Yes it is used to power the board camera but if all your running is 3S then it is not needed. It is there so you can use both 3S or 4S without burning up your board cam. All you need to do it remove it and bridge VIN and VO together and you will have battery power to the front camera pads.

  3. Im in the middle of my kunai build, im using rg20a escs which dont have bec. Im confused as how to wire it i know i need a seperate bec but i dont know which esc powers the flight controller. I cant find any info about it could someone please tell me what i should do?

    Thanks, shane

    • Motor #2 powers the FC. There are pads next to the servo pins that you can wire a BEC to provide power to the FC. Those pads go to the power pins on motor #6 pins on the FC so make sure you solder pins on #6 so you get power.