How to Modify Boscam GS920 Goggles for Extra Bands

How to Modify Boscam GS920 Goggles for Extra Bands


In this article we are going to show you how to modify your Boscam GS920 AIO Goggles to either change the current band they run on to a different band. Of course this can also be applied to be able to switch to all the bands with the addition of a 2 position dip switch and a 1k resistor.

*Warning* I advise you to only do this mod if you are very skilled in soldering since you will have to make very small connections. This will also void any warranty you have on your goggles. I accept no responsibility if it jacks up your goggles.

Open up your goggles.. It should look like this inside. It is pretty tough to get them open. The RX modules are circled in red.

Boscam GS920 Opened

Another shot of the two RX modules.

Boscam GS920 Modules

As you can see there are two different RX modules mated together. The outside module is the 2.4Ghz module and the one on the inside is the 5.8Ghz module. The 5.8Ghz module is a RX5808 module that is used in several different receivers.

You will need to do a little desoldering and get the 5.8Ghz module out.

Boscam GS920 Modules 3

Once you have the module out you can solder or desolder a 1k resistor on pads KB and S to change the bands to your desired band. You can also solder wires to them and wire it to a dip switch and 1k resistor to be able to switch bands easily on your goggles.

Here is the pic of the pads to switch the bands.

Boscam GS920 Solder Pads

Here is the chart to show you what pads you need to add or remove the 1k resistor from to change the bands.



Boscam GS920 bands

0: means there is 1k resister in BX or S position.
1: means there is no resister in BX or S position.

So follow the datasheet:
A band: there are 1k resister on the KB and S.
To change the Band A to Band E, the easiest way:
Remove the 1k resister on KB position.

Once you have changed it to the band you want solder the module back up and reinstall it back into your goggles.