How to build a ZMR250 FPV Racing Miniquad on a budget

How to build a ZMR250 FPV Racing Miniquad on a budget

ZMR250 Frame
ZMR250 Frame

With miniquads becoming the new craze I thought I would put together a post to show you how to build a high performance, low cost miniquad racer. This miniquad is perfect for both the newcomer and the old school guys since it has plenty of power to satisfy your thirst for speed. We have plenty of guys using this exact setup to go miniquad racing on the weekend or flying low and fast through the trees and other objects.

The ZMR250 frame is one of the best low cost frames on the market and has more accessories made for it than any other frame out there so you will have almost infant options to customize it the way you want.

This article has been rewritten to give a cheaper build than before and all prices and promo codes are valid as of 4/20/2015. Also included in the rewritten article we now include DYI goggles versus a screen and also include a battery and charger which were excluded before and the price stays about the same as before.

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  1. I always like when articles aimed at newcomers provide detailed lists like this, so thanks. I have two questions:

    1) What guide would you recommend following for detailed assembly instructions?
    2) Do you have a list of tools you would recommend someone have to help with assembly/repair?


  2. Great list with prices and links!
    The HobbyKing ECO6 Lipo Battery Charger needs a power supply?
    A build guide to go with it is sorely needed.