RealAcc X 210 Tech Teardown & First Impressions

RealAcc X210 Tech Teardown

The RealAcc X-210 is better known as the Banggood “Charpu-X Clone”; there is no doubt that this is an out & out clone. Here I’ll try and evaluate the kit based on its own merits; and have a few laughs about it’s clone-ish-ness.

Vital Statisitcs:
4mm Main Plate
2mm Upper Body Plate
1.5mm all camera mount parts and battery armor plate
m3 x 30mm Standoffs

Main Plate: 63.77gr
All Carbon Fiber Parts: 80.92gr
All Hardware: 15.26gr
Frame & Hardware: 90.82gr
Matek XT60 PDB: 10.09gr
Battery Strap & Armor Plate: 10.12gr
Full Kit: 110.22gr

Quality appears better than average for China-direct hobby gear, and they do include a decent name-brand integrated PDB with 5V/2A switching regulator & 12V/500mA 7812 linear regulator. ESC outputs are rated 25A continuous; figure 30-35A surge current.




Frame plates measure out as promised; decent quality CF plate with nice weave, semi-gloss finish and lots of fine, close layers.

Cut edges vary; straight cuts appear very smooth, while diagonal cuts are a bit rough with a few slubs, but nothing a few minutes with sandpaper won’t cure easily. I’d guess they were cutting just  as fast as they felt they could get away with. 😉

Visual inspection shows none of the cheap ‘glas “filler” materials that gave the ZMR250 a black eye back in the day. Meter continuity across all layers at all edges indicates 100% CF. I count 32 layers as seen in this closeup.

Advertised weights are quite optimistic; complete kit (everything in the package) weighs in at 110.22 grams.

Bottom line is it’s a decent frame particularly at the price point, and I don’t regret buying it a bit; I’ll certainly get my money’s worth of fun out of it.

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If you want best quality, and want to support the great pilot who designed it, you should shell out the bux for the real thing.

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Those of you interested in the Matek XT60 PDB can find it here


Check back; I’ll update with more details as the build progresses!


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