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FPVModel ZMR-X210 210mm Frame Product Review


The ZMR-X210 is an evolution of the ZMR design, in keeping up with the changing times this ZMR was re-worked from the ground up. We are not just modifying the arms to give a “X” type of layout, we have re-worked it entirely to provide what the modern user wants.

This frame features aluminum mounting hardware that allows for faster arm changes. This frame also gives the user options for weight saving. By using a single bottom plate the user can opt for weight savings by leaving out the 4mm spacers and “2nd” bottom plate. (This saves weight by eliminating the use of one plate and eight 4mm spacers.) The weight savings can be crucial in times of attending races but the arms being sandwiched between two plates and using the 4mm spacers allows for exceptional strength improvement too. The choice is up to the pilot…save the weight in times of racing or use both plates when flying free-style and expecting to crash frequently and desire strength over a few grams of weight savings. Featuring an X design made popular by the likes of Alien and QAVraceblade/R this quad is sure to help keep the center of gravity where you want it, in the center.

Product Name: ZMR-X210
Manufacture: FPVModel
Manufacture Website: http://www.fpvmodel.com

Box Contents:
  • 1x 1.5mm Carbon Fiber Top Plate
  • 2x 2mm Carbon Fiber Bottom Plates
  • 4x 4mm Carbon Fiber Arms
  • 2x Carbon Fiber Camera X Mount Plates
  • 1x Carbon Fiber Camera Mount Plate
  • 8x 4mm Aluminum Threaded¬†Spacers
  • 1x Aluminum Center Plate
  • 4x Aluminum FC Mounts
  • 4x Nylon Washers
  • 4x Nylon M3x8mm Screws
  • 8x 35mm Aluminum Standoffs
  • 16x M3x8mm Steel Screws
  • 16x M3x12mm Steel Screws
  • 1x Wire Grommet
  • 1x Maytech PDB
  • 2x FPVModel Battery Straps


First Impressions:

The ZMR-X210 is the latest addition to the FPVModel line up of miniquad frames and shares the same well thought out and quality materials as there well known ZMR250 v2 frame. And while it is not a true ZMR frame and shares characteristics more like the QAV-R and Alien Quad frames it appears that FPVModel chose to brand it as a ZMR due to the fact they own ZMR250.com and several other ZMR domains and to cash in on the ZMR name due its popularity.

When you open the box for the ZMR-X210 the first thing you will notice is that it is packaged extremely well in bubble wrap with the arms, and X braces and flat camera mount all individually wrapped to protect each piece and that the PDB, standoffs and other mounting hardware and screws are in individual plastic baggies.

The one thing that I was disappointed about not seeing in the box was instructions on how to assemble it, while its not a big issue for seasoned builders it can cause a problem for a newer builders.(Even took me a minute to figure it out)

After you figure out how it goes together the frame was a fairly easy build and all the parts fit together properly and snug so there should not be any vibrations and the frame becomes very rigid once you finish assembling it so there should also not be any additional flexing in the frame. Inside the frame there is plenty of space for all your electronics with room to spare and with the included Maytech PDB the build should be pretty clean. The Maytech PDB also provides power for your vTX and FPV camera(output voltages selectable) as well as 5volt output to power your flight controller and RX.

The arms are cut from 4mm thick carbon fiber so they should be able to hold up to some serious abuse and also feature slots for M3 motor screws for 2204 and larger motors. (180x sized motors will have to use washers) so no having to drill the arms to make your screws fit properly.


Overall its a very nice frame that is made using quality carbon fiber and because of the X configuration it will have a very balanced feel overall during flight. The longer body will give plenty of room for all your goodies inside and make for some nice clean builds.

Good quality carbon fiber
Strong 4mm thick arms
Balanced frame
Well thought out kit
Dual configuration (both bottom plates for freestyle and single bottom plate for light weight racing)

Potential weak area in the front(front of the top plate)
No manual to show how to assemble it

Where to purchase:

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1Lz9KfO
FPVModel: http://goo.gl/SaHF0q

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